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GUESTINFORMATION as per 16.03.2020, 4:00 PM

The public spa areas are restricted and only open to hotel guests!

Due to the current corona virus development, the Therme Laa – Hotel & Silent Spa has decided to temporarily continue its hotel operations. This regulation applies from Friday, 13th of March until April 3rd. The public thermal spa areas of the resort as well as the Premium Day Spa SILENT SPA are closed during this period. Currently there are no more reservations accepted within the next days. 

With this measure, the Therme Laa – Hotel & Silent Spa follows the Ministry of Health's decree to prevent large crowds from converging in accordance with paragraph 15 of the Epidemic Act. The Therme Laa – Hotel & Silent Spa assumes social responsibility and thus makes a contribution to the implementation of the Federal Government's current efforts.

In order to protect the health of hotel guests, the Therme Laa – Hotel & Silent Spa has also taken a number of additional forced hygiene and information measures. This also includes the request to maintain the usual personal distance of 1 to 2 meters from other guests, and the clear indication that people with flu-like symptoms (cough, fever), with respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases or other more serious illnesses are currently discouraged from a visit.

The Therme Laa - Hotel & Silent Spa is in close contact with the authorities and experts and we are constantly evaluating other preventive measures. Therme Laa – Hotel & Silent Spa keeps you up to date on its preventive measures on its website.

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