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    The highest hygiene precautions have always been very important to us. Your safe and relaxing vacation is our top priority, so we reduced the maximum number of bathers. We wish you a carefree and relaxing break in the Therme Laa!

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elegance & recreation

The most stunning view combined with the pleasantly warm thermal water. You would never leave if it were not for the whirlpool outside in the fresh crisp air. Squinting in the sunshine or snuggling in soft bathrobes on several levels. Close your eyes and enjoy.


Taking deep breaths in the steam bath, Nordic sweating in the Finnish sauna or enjoying the scent of the herbs in the sanarium. One thing at a time. Relax for as long as you want.

Enjoy the heat and treat yourself with one of these special sauna infusions:
Massage salt treatment
The mineral salt purifies the skin, induces perspiration, and has a purging and detoxifying effect. In addition to the rumoured healing effect of Dead Sea mineral salt it also has a peeling effect.
Hemp body milk treatment
The hemp body milk brings a relaxing freshness to the entire body. This rich lotion with the fragrance ofexpansive green hemp fields is rapidly absorbed by the skin giving you tone and suppleness.
Yoghurt cream treatment
Yoghurt cream gives the skin a unique feeling of freshness and protects it from drying out. It promotes circulation, regenerates the skin and leaves the skin feeling velvety soft. Above all it is the proteins, mineral substances and trace elements in the yoghurt cream which have a positive effect.

Sauna infusion Hotel-Spa

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