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    The highest hygiene precautions have always been very important to us. Your safe and relaxing vacation is our top priority, so we reduced the maximum number of bathers. We wish you a carefree and relaxing break in the Therme Laa!

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Your health is important to us

Do you feel burned out or stressed or do you suffer from physical ailments that make your everyday life harder? Then you should think about taking a health holiday at Therme Laa - Hotel & Silent Spa. Highly motivated and well-trained staff can take care of you and help make your stay with us a very successful one. Your health is important to us and our team look forward to welcoming you on a health holiday at Therme Laa so we can improve your well-being together.


The health centre offers a health program aimed at 4 different target groups:

Our new concept is an interplay between various active and passive therapy forms which contribute to quick and lasting improvements in your health, and in some cases have shown to bring about total pain relief. Since a balanced metabolism plays an important role in one’s well-being, we also pay much attention to this aspect. The added components of thermal water and superior hotel comfort complement a health concept in which therapy and holidaying are expertly combined. We look forward to welcoming you!

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